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Erin and Linda were out running together. Like many women do for exercise when Linda mentioned a new way for Erin to meet guys. She suggested speed dating and because Erin lost a best to her – she was forced to comply.

However other joggers’ day didn’t end with an agreement to date several people in an hour. Nicole Garland’s body was found on familiar track and yet the case doesn’t make sense. And that could be because of the glaring holes in it. For instance, Baez noticed the victim was wearing Christian Louboutin shoes and not only are those uncomfortable while running, but they also happen to be too expensive for the area the victim was found in.

And the case gets stranger. Nicole’s husband didn’t even know that she was still in the city. She was supposed to be spending a girl’s weekend in Aruba with her friend Emily.

The detective started to think that maybe she was having an affair, but the real answer behind why she lied to her husband is that she didn’t want him to know she was getting plastic surgery. Nicole died from a bad reaction to a drug.

Her friend Emily said Nicole called it a “Mommy Makeover”. She did the tummy tuck and breast implant when she started to feel like her husband was growing bored with her. He was actually having an affair with a younger woman during their marriage so no surgery was ever going to be able to turn back time for them.

And yet despite her husband having motive and means seeing as he is a doctor – he wasn’t the one that killed his wife. That was the plastic surgeon who was even now facing malpractice suit and panicked when his current patient, Nicole, started to flat line at his clinic.

He had lied to Danny and Baez when he said Nicole left his clinic alive. The surgeon and his nurse dumped her body and made it look like she had return to her hotel after the surgery – walking and in great condition. But sadly for them, Danny saw that it was the nurse and not Nicole in the surveillance footage.

It’s sad that Nicole died trying to being attractive. Especially when someone like Erin doesn’t necessarily tries to get men’s attention. She didn’t even do it by being nice!

Erin’s speed dating experience was a bust and that’s mainly her own fault. After all she was the one that kept taking work calls in the middle of a five minute date. So no wonder someone called her on it. And the truth is that anyone would be offended to have that happen to them.

Erin on the other hand didn’t think she was being rude and so she left the dating service in a huff. Although she hadn’t expected the guys she blew up at would be the very same man she had an appointment with later that day. That was an uncomfortable second meeting!

He’s a defense attorney and he’s claiming of course that his client is innocent. You know despite a witness and his client already having a rap sheet. But never mind small things like evidence and culpability – he still thinks his client is innocent and he’s pressuring Erin to reevaluate the case.